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    Design working process



    Creating the main user paths (User flow). This map is similar to a flowchart, where you can see the entire path of the user in different directions. It also affects the content. Creating a content map. This map is similar to a mental map, it represents a general hierarchical idea.


    Wireframes are the visual structure of pages. At this stage we are still not thinking about design.
    a. Create common elements of the site/application (header, footer, menu, side/bottom panel, content)
    b. Set the general elements of the form (full name, phone number, consent to processing, button)
    c. Home page submission strategy


    During prototyping, a layout is created that simulates user interaction with the project interface. The prototype is needed to present the project to the customer and evaluate its usability. Testing a prototype allows you to identify and eliminate errors in advance before investing money in the development of the final design solution and code.
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    Some pre questions and answers

    How to choose a web studio?

    Search for web studios: to choose a web studio, study the website and portfolio. The site itself already presents the company and their thinking. We talk about ourselves honestly and openly. You may have been recommended. The most common is a recommendation. If the recommendation of a friend or partner is positive, order where advised.

    Which one should not be chosen?

    There are many web design agencies. Among them, there are frankly terrible website development studios that launch scary and ancient sites. People appreciate the product "by the cover", and if the appearance of the site resembles the interface from the 2000s, then even a super product and convincing text will not save. You should not contact such people, even on recommendation.

    Is it possible to buy a ready-made website?

    Yes, you can. Ready-made websites are sold on exchanges. Studios that have projects hanging. They can adapt a suitable design to your business at a discount. We rarely have concepts. In our free time, we create a design, and you can buy it or order a discount website with such a design.

    How to promote a website or attract customers?

    To promote the site, you will need this plan:
    1. Create a cool project
    2. Optimize the site for search results
    3. To establish SEO promotion
    4. Set up ads
    5. SERM — reputation on the web — to make people talk about you themselves.
    6. Shamanism, social networks and other things!

    Is it important that the web studio is in another city?

    It doesn't matter. Communication is built through Skype, e-mail, messengers. If the client is in the same city, there is a possibility of meeting. But this is often not necessary. We send project descriptions, analyses, demonstrate graphic elements, send mockups with explanations, and all this is accompanied by voice communication.

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